Meet some really badass Eastern Bloc agents!

Meet some really badass Eastern Bloc agents!

155. The Stalking Horse

Lee Barrington (Steve Forrest) looks over some papers.

Lee Barrington, Marie Roska, Yanos Lobler: Espionage.

Original air date: 10 January 1971.

Inspector Lewis Erskine goes undercover to stop enemy agents from obtaining a top-secret nuclear formula.

But the story goes beyond this. It boils down to a midlife crisis turned dangerous. Lee Barrington (Steve Forrest) falls for a lady who turns out to be a spy. And Barrington is married to the daughter of a company that Vincent Millard (Harold Gould) runs. Millard suspects espionage, and calls in the Feds for this.

Because the action is set in Dallas, does this episode rank as a precursor to the CBS soap opera that ran from 1978 to 1991? Maybe not, but it makes one think. Watch for a good end sequence involving a chase in a backyard.

NOTE: I just purchased the video capture card for the computer the day that American Life TV aired this episode on 11 March 2005..




Performer Role
Steve Forrest Lee Barrington
Diana Hyland Joanne Kinston, a.k.a. Marie Roska
Reuben Singer Yanos Lobler
Harold Gould Vincent Millard
Lawrence Pressman Dennis Carey
Lyn Edgington Carol Barrington
Duncan McLeod Colson
Karl Lucas Jenkins
Jerry Taft Executive
Dallas Mitchell S.A.C. Vernon Taft
Dan Barton Agent Dawson
Tom Stewart Agent Carpenter
Jim Driskill Pete
Directed by: Nicholas Webster
Written by: Jack Turley



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