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160. Death Watch

Arthur Blaisdell, Timothy Lee Gage: Crime on a Government Reservation, Assault, Theft of Government Property, Conspiracy.

Original air date: 14 February 1971.

Helicopter N6597F is used to run down and arrest one of the bay guys who took several dozen M16 A1 rifles from a National Guard post.

Glenn Corbett in The FBI, 1971.

The ever-capable actor Glenn Corbett as the chief meanie, Stan Mabry.

Diane Keaton in The FBI, 1971.

Yes, that really is Diane Keaton!


Performer Role
Frank Hotchkiss Arthur Blaisdell
Solomon Sturges Timothy Gage
Diane Keaton Dayan Britt
Glenn Corbett Stan Mabry
Richard Jaeckel Sam Ryker
Len Wayland SAC James Day
Steve Sandor 1st Militant
Bill Vint 2nd Militant
Craig Guenther 1st Special Agent
Robert Patten 2nd Special Agent
Herb Armstrong F.B.I. Lab Examiner
Brett Hadley Navy Doctor
Douglas Bank Ed Rivers
Chuck Taylor Jim Michaels
Angel Tompkins Roberta “Bobby” Hallicent
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Robert Heverly



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