161. Downfall

Carl Betz and Michael Burns.

Inspecting the results: Martin Ashton (Carl Betz), at left, and Holt Campbell (Michael Burns).

Anne Archer as Lynne Ashton.

Anne Archer plays Lynne Ashton.

Valerie Hendricks, Paul Stoner, Karl Elman, et al: Espionage.

Original air date: 7 February 1971.

This story concerns a theft operation that crosses state lines. The story seems routine enough, though the cast is a good one here. That Inspector Erskine would catch the bad guys here is a given.

What makes a difference is the relationship between mastermind Martin Ashton (Carl Betz) and his daughter (Anne Archer). Like Inspector Erskine in 1965, the older Ashton disapproves of the relationship between his associate and his daughter. Unlike the good inspector, Martin Ashton behaves in a rotten manner, and hires a gun to kill the associate. The fallout? Lynne Ashton finds out that she cannot trust her father. Hence the story is more of a human interest story than a crime drama.


Performer Role
Michael Burns Mike Keller/Holt Campbell
Anne Archer Lynne Ashton
Carl Betz Martin Ashton
Arnold Lessing S.A.C. Ernie Barlow
Morgan Jones S.A.C. Frank Benton
James Seay Charles Washburn
Patricia Donahue Arlene Cutler
Cathleen Cordell Mrs. Washburn
Richard Young Mason Carter
Corinne Conley Dody Cross
Fletcher Allen Lab Examiner
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly and Shirl Hendryx



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