163. Turnabout

Joyce Van Patten and Warren Oates, on the run in 1971.

On the run: Richard A. Billings (Warren Oates, at right), with Alice Kranz (Joyce Van Patten).

Richard A. Billings: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.

Original air date: 7 March 1971.

Inspector Lew Erskine apprehends the lone survivor of an amoured car robbery and recovers $500,000 in stolen money.


Performer Role
Warren Oates Richard A. Billings
Joyce Van Patten Alice Kranz
Ahna Capri Sarah Holmquist
Berry Kroeger Alvin Holmquist
Barry Russo Joe Salka
Arch Johnson Leo Conway
John Considine S.A.C. Hal Woodruff
James Gammon Ben McCann
Robert P. Lieb Coffee Shop Manager
Joe E. Tata Barney Leeds
Tom Stewart Agent O’Neill
David Brandon S.A.C. Douglas Parker
Ray Kellogg Armored Car Driver
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Don Brinkley



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