Peak ratings: No. 10!

Inspector Erskine and Special Agent Colby in

1970 was a time of acute unrest. Riots took place, even in such cities as Syracuse, NY. For this reason, the viewing public took to The FBI. The series achieved its ratings peak in this season, breaking into the Top Ten for the one and only time. By this time, the series ran like a well-oiled machine humming its way through its job. The show seemed more stylized, and we saw such guest stars as Phyllis Kirk and Mariette Hartley.

The show also enjoyed improved ratings because ABC overall had an excellent year. Because CBS and NBC either had old programs (The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beverly Hillbillies) or shows that went nowhere, and because ABC had hit shows like Marcus Welby, MD, the Alphabet Network had an excellent year in 1970-71.

Interestingly, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. drove two cars in the end credits: A 1971 Ford Custom 500 2-door hardtop, and a Mercury Cougar!

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