167. Recurring Nightmare

Dale Fisher, Graham Newcomb: Kidnapping
Victim: Gwendolyn Rankin.

Original air date: 19 September 1971

The abuction a girl leads the F.B.I. to an unsolved robbery.


Performer Role
Tim McIntire Dale Fisher
Ralph Meeker Graham Newcomb
Bellinda Montgomery Wendy Rankin
Barbara Billingsley June Rankin
Richard Derr Ray Rankin
Ken Tobey Carl Barstow
Nellie Burt Mrs. Mae Copeland
Phil Chambers Amos Reed
Frank Jamus S.A.C. Denver
John Ward Don Harper
Dennis Rucker Jeff Adams
Randi Procter The Girl Rider
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Lewin
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