168. The Last Job

Michael "Doc" Lacy, Jerrold Rivers: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement, Armed Robbery, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle.

Original air date: 26 September 1971
Rerun 26 December 1971

The FBI hunts down a criminal mastermind who escapes from prison to pull off a military payroll robbery.

The FBI investigates escaped federal prisoners, crimes on military reservations. Violation of ihe Dwyer Act. The Dwyer act involves taking a stolen automobile across state lines.


Performer Role
John McIntire Michael “Doc” Lacy
Guy Stockwell Jerrold Rivers
Jeanette Nolan Helen Lacy
David Canary Eugene Bradshaw
John S. Ragin Gary Burgess
Joe E. Tata Al Naylor
Len Wayland S.A.C. Jim Day
Jess Walton Mary Douglas
Mark Allen Willis
Todd Martin Mark Dorel
Paul Sorensen Security Chief
Tom Palmer Michael Paree
San Christopher Woman Attendant
Robert Patten F.B.I. Supervisor Al McClure
John Yates S.A.C. Dan Riss
Nola Thorp Nancy Burgess
Mia Bendixsen Gayle Burgess
David S. Cass Sr. Patrolman
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
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