170. Dynasty of Hate

Lee Everett Chard: Kidnapping;
Victim: James Faron.

Original air date: 10 October 1971

Lee Chard hired by rancher Drake Farron to kill his younger brother, kidnaps the youth and demand a ransom.


Performer Role
Henry Silva Lee Everett Chard
Bryan Montgomery James Faron
Earl Holliman Drake Faron
Dabbs Greer Sal Cleary
Buck Young S.A.C. Brockton
Allen Emerson Driscoll
JoAnne Meredith Lorna Wymer
Dani Nolan Nurse
Ron Doyle Agent
Robert Palmer Aaron Miller
Wadsworth Taylor Doctor
L.Q. Jones Al Tanner
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
Production Code: 28540
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