171. The Mastermind, Part 1

Curtis Breer, Howard Douglas Rademaker, Clenard Massey, Lewis Lyle Chernik: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Interstate Transportation of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

Original air date: 17 October 1971

In Part 1 of this episode, Inspector Erskine pursues four perpetrators of a $1 million amusement park robbery. This was the last two-part episode to air in the series.


Performer Role
Bradford Dillman Curtis Breer
Steve Ihnat Howard Douglas Rademaker
Scott Marlowe Clenard Massey
Clu Gulager Lewis Lyle Chernik
Deanna Martin Debbie Breer
Marianne McAndrew Marian Breer
Jennifer Billingsley Mavis Barrett
Virginia Vincent Mrs. Rademaker
Robert Emhardt Cyril Boyer
Laura Lacey Sally Gaynor
Fred Holliday Ted Ross
Ryan McDonald Stuart Munday
Stephen Coit Mr. King
Pat Patterson Park Security Guard
Joe Mell Janos
Don Epperson Supermarket Manager
Matthew Knox 1st Special Agent (Louisville)
Cliff McDonald 2nd Special Agent (Louisville)
Robert Glen Reece Mover
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
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