173. The Watch-Dog

Luther Shawn, Damian Howards, Ralph Kurland and Kate Waller: Espionage.

Original air date: 31 October 1971

A tale of espionage. Inspector Erskine attemps to stop Communist agents from obtaining plans to a top secret project. Even at this late date (1971), Communists remain a threat to America’s well being. Apparently, this may stem from the fact that J. Edgar Hoover was still alive even at this time.


Performer Role
Ivor Barry Luther Shawn
Stuart Whitman Damian Howards
Richard Bull Ralph Kurland
Sharon Acker Kate Waller
Charles Robinson Keith McKay
Eric Christmas Ted Shayon
John Kroger S.A.C. Harper
Read Morgan Dan Nolan
Harlan Warde Dr. Keller
John Mayo Cryptanalyst
Ray Kellogg Guard
Read Morgan Dan Nolan
Harlan Wade Dr. Keller
Joan Delaney Lindsey Waller
Directed by: Allen Reisner
Written by: Gerald Sanford
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