174. The Game Of Terror

John “Chill” Chilton, Bryan Welles: Extortion.

Original air date: 7 November 1971
Rerun 26 March 1972

As a prank, two boys kidnap a fellow student, hold him in an abandoned mine shaft and send a ransom note to his parents. The boys leave town to visit girlfriends without releasing the victim—ony that a construction crew has covered his air hole.


Performer Role
Richard Thomas John “Chill” Chilton
Jerry Houser Bryan Welles
Dabney Coleman Jamison
Alex Nicol Wayne Kingerman
Gary Tigerman George Kingerman
Robyn Millan Paula Ross
Joel Lawrence Coach Stanley
James Sikking S.R.A. Herbert Withers
William Bramley Foreman
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Ryerson
Susan Davis Mrs. Ross
Michele Nichols Steffi Ross
Hal Riddle Lab Expert
Frank Baxter Agent
Ron Stein Workman
Rick Moses Don
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young
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