175. End Of A Hero

Original air date: 21 November 1971
Rerun 21 May 1972

Burdened by debts and marital problems, a "has-been" war hero agrees to pilot a helicopter in a daring jewel heist. Aware of the plans, his wife breaks down and tells the Feds, who had clues leading to the hero. A dramatic air chase take place.


Performer Role
Ed Nelson Vinne Paquette
Lee Meriwether Liz Paquette
William Bryant Raymond Tate
Tim Herbert Ernie Maitland
Jimmy Hayes Ed Brockton
Richard Drasin Norm
Craig Guenther Bill Munson
Dennis McCarthy Howard Miner
Jerry Taft Manager
Kaz Garas Del Keller
Joseph Hindy Vic Hines
James McCallion Cy Remick
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Ed Waters
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