178. Bitter Harbor

Original air date: 12 December 1971
Rerun 2 April 1972

Inspector Lew Erskine and S.A.C. Tom Colby go undercover to fight mob corruption in the dock workers union. Labor racketeering is a federal crime. Another fine episode, with many good performers.

More details to follow soon!


Performer Role
Cameron Mitchell John Norcross
Joseph Wiseman Big Julio Lacone
Nicholas Colasanto Jumisino
Than Wyenn Ernesto Salazar
Lawrence Montaigne Arly Carter
John Davey Truck Driver
Fred Beir Jack Mattis
Len Wayland Tully Carlson
Robert F. Hoy Charlie Kale
Lew Brown S.A.C. Allen Bennett
James Luisi Little Julio
Renata Vanni Dora Lacone
Edith Diaz Mary Lacone
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly and Ron Bishop
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