179. The Recruiter

Original air date: 19 December 1971
This episode was not rerun

After a daring daylight bank robbery, the Feds identify one of the two fugitives and trail him to New York City. There, he has rekindled an old romance while planning an elaborate department store heist.


Performer Role
Monte Markham James Devlin
J. Duke Russo Joe Kreska
Jesse Vint George Shawn
Florence Sundstrom Landlady
John Lance Vince LaTorra
Arthur Franz Neil Parsons
Michaek Stokey Bud Browning
K.L. Smith Popkin
Richard Eastham Clayton McGregor
Dallas Mitchell Alden Rice
William Swan Glen Powell
William Sargent Paul Lyme
Lynette Mettey Donna
Patricia Donahue Vera Beckley
Jessica Walter Gilliam Norbury
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert C. Dennis and Mark Weingart
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