180. The Buyer

Maynard Gage, Lou Forrester, Connie Sherill, et al: Theft from Interstate Shipment.

Original air date: 2 January 1972
Rerun 25 June 1972

Inspector Erskine goes undercover impersonating a fence's representative to retrieve a stolen shipment of platinum.


Performer Role
Tim O’Connor Maynard Gage
David Hedison Lou Forrester
Stefanie Powers Connie Sherill
Jim Raymond S.A.C. Kirby Greene
Lew Brown S.A.C. Allen Bennett
Hank Brandt S.A.C. Bill Converse
Leon Askin Arnold Bebenek
Michael Vandever George Dowd
Mark Dana Jud Hobey
Ric Mancini Hank Lasko
Directed by: Carl Barth
Written by: Ed Waters
Production Code: 28536
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