182. The Break-Up

Original air date: 16 January 1972

An ex-convict wanting to go straight is persuaded by his girlfriend to pull one more bank robbery.


Performer Role
Charles Cioffi Verne Dupre
Donna Mills Bernice Rawson
Byron Mabe Colin Stowe
Richard Roat Marvin Grant
Colby Chester Frank Marino
Brent Davis Hewitt Wood
Frank Jamus Special Agent Dan Riss
Corinne Conley Miss T.
Fred Krone Gil Arcaya
Carolyn Lee Eddy Mrs. Eberle
Howard Curtis Patrolman
Garrison True Agent
Eric Sinclair Clerk
Don Ferneaux Mr. Ames
Lauren Gilbert Mrs. Bowen
Jerry Ayres Todd Rawson
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Ed Waters
Production Code: 28547
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