183. Judas Goat

Original air date: 23 January 1972
This episode was not rerun.

A young singer on his way to stardom has his recording contract taken over by a Mob loan shark.

The FBI enters the case when the rock star, played by John Davidson, is badly beaten. The mob intends to use the singer to lure in other singers into the company owned by the loan shark.


Performer Role
John Davidson Tory Hughes
Linden Chiles Paul Wadsworth
Katherine Justice Liz Carvellis
Richard O’Brien Keno Donnelly
Eugene Peterson Stacy Barrister
Michael Lane Mike Ribble
Ian Sanders Harper Moss
Rhill Rhaden Sutter
Hal Riddle L.A. F.B.I. Man
M.C. Paul Ryan
William Meigs Sidell
Ford Lile Operator
Directed by: Virgil W. Vogel
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young
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