184. The Hunters

Original air date: 30 January 1972
Rerun 7 May 1972

When a top-ranking scientist-turned-traitor learns his wife has left him, he stands up his waiting spy contacts, because he is looking for the spouse. This causes a race between the spy ring and the FBI to find him.


Performer Role
Richard Kiley Frederic Scott
Mark Roberts Ernest Malloy
Hurd Hatfield Karole Schumann
George Voskovec George Havelik
Robert Mandan William McGrath
Nan Martin Marie
Sharon Taggart Karen Scott
Walter Burke Cab Driver
Marian McCargo Margaret Scott
Patrick O'Hara Doorman
Walter Friedel Max
Jay Sheffield First Aide
Jan Vinson Helicopter Pilot
Ed Hall Doctor
Mark Dana Clayton McGregor
Frieda Rentie Nurse
Lilyan Chauvin Elsa
Directed by: Virgil W. Vogel
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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