185. Arrangement With Terror

Original air date: 6 February 1972
Rerun 30 July 1972

The F.B.I. learns that organized crime is involved in the theft of securities from a brokerage firm. Inspector Erskine has to go undercover when the securities are found in a mobster's hands. A female employee has been pursuaded by her addict husband to steal stocks from the company, and the Mob is forcing her to steal more.


Performer Role
Robert Loggia Phillip Derrane
Diana Hyland Pat Laner
Roger Perry Jim Laner
Danny Keough (as Dan Keough) Ron Soletta
Tony Cristino Frank Rousselot
Robert Dowdell Dan Bransfield
Asa Maynor Kathy Bransfield
Rena Santoni Eddie Locke
Austin Willis Stuart
C. Lindsay Workman (as Lindsay Workman) Ray Straub
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Ed Waters
Production Code: 28550
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