186. The Set-Up

Lawrence Kulhane, Douglas Perry Waters, George Barrister: Bank Robbery; Interstate Transportation Of Stolen Motor Vehicle

Original air date: 13 February 1972
This episode was not rerun.

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While Inspector Erskine and Agent Colby pursue Larry Kulhane and his gang for bank robbery, Kulhane plans to rob and kill a wealthy aristocrat, Adryth Nolan. This episode was a major high point for the series because of the casting.

This episode is airing on AOL’s In2TV, as of 10 February 2007.

And so are we!


Performer Role
Jessica Tandy Ardyth Nolan
Brenda Dickson-Weinberg (as Brenda Dickson) Donna Archer
Robert Pine Douglas Perry Waters
Burr DeBenning George Barrister
Gerald S. O’Laughlin Lawrence Kulhane
Frank Marth Bozo Trask
Sian Barbara Allen Bridy Nolan
Directed by: Seymour Robbie
Written by: Robert Heverly
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