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188. The Corruptor

Original air date: 27 February 1972
Rerun 16 July 1972

Inspector Lew Erskine pursues Dree Foster, who engages in a cross-country crime spree on his way to a secret destination.


Performer Role
Robert Drivas Dree Foster
Mark Hamill Royal Shean
Pamela Susan Shoop (as Pamela Shoop) Muriel Davies
George Paulsin Mickey Nabors
Jason Wingreen Dentist
James Nolan New York State Trooper
Roy Doyle Scott Manning
Ed Hall Bill Wemsley
Gloria Robertson Woman Hostage
Herb Armstrong Liquor Store Owner
Al Checco Ciner (?) Manager
Cliff McDonald Special Agent Dan Riss
Robert Gibbons Julius Packer
Ed Deemer Deputy
Mark Travis Grant Foster
Harry Lauter Sheriff
Rickey Kelman George Arbor
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
Production Code: 28554
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