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189. The Deadly Species

Case: Jean Scott—Bank Robbery.

Original air date: 5 March 1972

Jean Scott pulls one robbery after another to finance finding her eight-year old son and stealing him away from her ex-husband.

Tom Skerritt makes another appearance on the series. 1970s pop idol Leif Garrett makes an early appearance here; he went on to fame around 1978-79.

And you can now watch the episode here!!

This page updated 3 May 2008.


Performer Role
Tom Skerritt Bill Leonard
Penny Fuller Jean "Scotty" Scott
Eddie Quillan Amos Wick
Milt Kamen Lou Jennings
James Hampton Claybourne
Leif Garrett Tommy
Jay MacIntosh Alice Martin
John Lupton John Denton
Warren Parker Restaurant Manager
Irwin Charone Edwards
True Boardman Parker
John Hillerman Clerk
Bruce Lorange Parking Attendant
Paul Condylis Waiter
Douglas Mitchell Medical Attendant
Ron Brown Hewitt Wood
Jimmy Hayes Clifton Greenlee
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Dick Nelson
Production Code: 28555
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