190. Dark Journey

Case: Jason Peale et al—Securities Fraud.

Original air date: 12 March 1972
Rerun 6 August 1972

Con man Jason Peale impersonates a famous "invisible" tycoon to sell stock in a bogus company. After swindling a Boston stock broker, he and his daughter flee to Arizona. While under pursuit by the Feds, he inadvertently crosses a mobster, and is forced to help plan an armed robbery at a gambling party.


Performer Role
Claude Akins Jason Peale
Lindsey Wagner Laurie Peale
William Schallert Ed Crawford
Scott Walker Hank Yorkin
Vic Tayback Neil Parks
Jeff Pomerantz Dave Franklyn
Harry Basch Booker Ferguson
Steve Sandor Joel Grady
Richmond Shepard Ben Walters
Tom Geas Tony Sage
Martin Braddock Clint Eldridge
Robert Cleaves Hotel Clerk
Connie Sawyer Housekeeper
William Martel Gateman
Mark Dana Clayton McGregor
Philip Ahn Mr. Kwong
David Brandon Dayton Carter
Charles Kingmon Sloan
Directed by: Philip Abbott
Written by: Gerald Sanford
Production Code: 28553
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