191. Escape to Nowhere.

Case: Mark Durgom—Escaped Federal Prisoner, Unlawful Interstate Flight to Avoid Confinement.

Original air date: 19 March 1972
Rerun 23 July 1972

The F.B.I. pursues escaped convict Mike Durgom, and learns that crime boss Nelson Wayland has ordered him murdered to prevent him from testifying at an upcoming trial. Durgom is holding a widow and her 10-year-old son hostage while planning a bank robbery, which would in turn enable him to flee the country.

The Internet Movie Data Base has provided limited information on the cast. We hope to provide more soon, because we purchased a 16mm reel of film with this episode on 26 March 2006. Because of this, we hope to convert the reel into a DVD, and thus provide additional information about this episode (and the season).


Performer Role
John Vernon Mike Durgom
Diana Muldaur Joan Forrestal
Joseph Perry Ray Lockhart
Lee Montgomery (as Lee Harcourt Montgomery) Grady Forrestal
Lenore Kasdorf Sonny Moyer
Ron Feinberg Jack Buckfield
Michael Pataki Walt Hixby
Gene Lyons Nelson Layland
Robert Doyle Doug Shurlock
Ted Hartley Ted Crane
Billy Halop Cabbie
Bob Duggan Bank Guard
Robert Swan NY Agent
Wiliam Swan Scott Dunlap
Directed by: Virgil W. Vogel
Written by: Ed Waters
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