192. The Runner

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 17 September 1972
Rerun 8 April 1973

The FBI receives a strong start for its eighth season, especially with its supporting cast. They read like a “Who’s Who” of 1970s television:

Inspector Erskine trails an escaped federal prisoner who abducted a young girl and vanishes into the Oregon wilderness. The athlete knows the terrain well, which means the inspector is forced to anticipate his moves.

Jim Davis, who guest starred in this episode, often played Western characters. He was well known for his potrayal of John Ross (Jock) Ewing in the TV series Dallas from 1978 to 1981.



Performer Role
Jim Davis Ellis Bengston
Robert Urich Davie Stroud
David Soul Clifford Wade
Lou Frizzell Coach Dan Everett
Belinda Montgomery Margo Bengston
Arch Whiting S.A. Glenn White
Bard Stevens Officer
Duane Gray Gas Station Owner
Marie Denn Ranch Wife
Colin G. Male Sargeant
J.H. Lawrence Logan
Directed by: Lawrence Dobkin
Written by: Jack Turley
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