197. End of a Nightmare

The FBI in 1972

Darryl Thomas Ryder, Henry Charles Elkins: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement

Original air date: 22 October 1972
This episode rerun 13 May 1973

The FBI needs to catch an escaped convict before he takes revenge on the persons responsible for the annulment of his marriage. The escapee leaves the scrawled message, "Til death do us part," after seemingly unrelated assaults. The Feds compile clues, and go on the escapee's trail in time to anticipate his next victim: His ex-wife.

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Performer Role
Dean Stockwell Darryl Thomas Ryder
Regis Toomey Calvin Betts
Darleen Carr Mary Jane Owens
Diane Hull Amy Kress
Buddy Pantsari Henry Charles Elkins
John Fink Keith Owens
Joan Tompkins Margaret Barnard
Richard Dillon Jim Albert
Maurine Dawson-Bergmann Bonnie
Jim Boles News Vendor
Phil Dean Clark Thornburg
Robert Knapp Ken Warren
Leslie Woods Mrs. Cruthers
Louise Fitch Female Clerk
Lauren Gilbert Crane
Lavelle Roby Nurse
Robert Swan Young
Directed by: Earl Bellamy
Written by: Gerald Sanford
Production Code: 28431
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