198. The Engineer

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 29 October 1972
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lewis Erskine and Agent Tom Colby go after an unemployed aerospace engineer who turns to crime. The engineer, deeply in debt, plans to burglarize a jewelry manufacturing company by breaking into an electronically controlled vault, considered to be impregnible.



Performer Role
Ed Nelson Walter Swanson
Robert Yuro Vernon Speer
Michael Strong Miles Currier
Andrew Parks Andrew Swanson
Patricia Smith Molly Swanson
Roy Engel Sam Whitman
Claudette Nevins Marge Elliott
Laura Lacey Peggy
Ross Elliott Graham Carter
Charles Randall Grisholm
Lara Parker Louise Currier
Dan Barton Ron Keres
Christopher Stafford Nelson Teenage Driver
James Nolan Building Supervisor
Paul Bryar Mac
Directed by: Philip Abbott
Written by: Norman Lessing
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