199. A Game of Chess

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 5 November 1972
This episode rerun 29 July 1973

Inspector Lew Erskine takes a crash course in Braille and in the game of chess, in order to impersonate a blind Eastern Bloc scientist and chess master. The man has been disabled in an accident after offering to act as a double agent to catch foreign spies. A very timely episode, given that detente was under way and that American chess player Bobby Fisher (1943-2008) became world chess champion in August 1972!



Performer Role
Patrick O’Neal Howard Raymond
Alfred Ryder Kessler
David Frankham Sterling Grant
George Nader Alex Rydell
Charlotte Stewart Helen Sims
Lew Palter John Nelson
Russ Conway Jordan McLure
Erik Holland Henry
Ron Pinknard Jim Vincent
Brick Huston Scientist
Napoleon Whiting Red Cap
Paul Harper Cabby
Brian Wood Conductor
Matthew Knox Johnson
James MacKrell Howard Schaal
Dave Morick Guard
Directed by: Philip Leacock
Teleplay by: Warren Duff
Story by: Mark Weingart
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