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206. Dark Christmas

Stuart Walker Tilden: Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement; Attempted Murder

Original air date: 24 December 1972

2 December 2006: We finally got to see an episode from the eighth season, and this was the one!

Hitman Stuart Tilden shoots a businessman in Chicago while seeking the whereabouts of his intended target. The businessman reportedly became a vegetable.

The FBI launches an intense investigation, seeking to prevent Tilden from succeeding. Tilden ends up in the Denver, Colorado area, where he is seeling Richard Ghormley. Ghormley formerly worked for a criminal, William Shrack, who’s now based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. While Ghormley wasn't involved with illegal activities, the criminal fears that Ghormley knows too much. Ghormley is desperately trying to get home on Christmas Eve from a business trip to San Francisco and Tilden is waiting for him there.

In the meantime, Tilden becomes involved with a young lady whom he literally bumps into, Regina Mason (Sondra Locke). He ends up befriending her, but Regina’s mother, Ruth, disapproves.

In trhe process of pursuing Tilden, Assistant Director Arthur Ward will make an arrest in the field as part of the effort. Colby and other agents in Denver rescue Tilden's children while Erskine confronts Tilden.

This episode has been broadcast as the Christmas episode for The FBI. A superb episode, it has two car chases! The episode’s atmosphere is also unusual because we see the Feds in snowy weather, a far cry from the Southern California climate in which they usually operate in.

A fine cast includes:


This page updated 2 December 2006.


Performer Role
Sondra Locke Regina Mason
Don Gordon Stuart Walker Tilden
John Lupton Richard Ghormley
Eugene Peterson William Shrack
Mary McAndrews Marion Ghormley
Mary Jackson Ruth Mason
Morgan Paull Tony Baughmiller
Charles Bateman Ed Gardner, SAC
Kim Richards Barbie Ghormley
With: Tom Pace, Fred Holliday, Robert Patten, Kirby Furlong, Cliff Emmich, Paul Hahn, George Sawaya, Thomas J. Gilleran
Directed by: Virgil W. Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
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