209. The Disinherited

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 21 January 1973
This episode rerun 10 June 1973

The Feds try to stop the vengeful son of a crippled miner, who's terrorizing wealthy mining executives whom he blames for abandoning his father and causing his life of poverty.


Performer Role
Martin Sheen Neil Harland
Heidi Vaughn Judy Thorpe
John McLiam Jess Harland
Dan Tobin Merle Carroll
Abigail Shelton Audrey Michaels
Jerry Douglas Rex Lynn
Regis J. Cordic Louis Ellingwood
Gary Dublin Tommy Lynn
Tom Stewart Kansas City Agent
G.J. Mitchell Doctor
Norman Stuart Victor Laird
Jimmy Hayes Houston Agent
Paul Todd Oklahoma City Agent
Adriane Rogers Kathy Lynn
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Robert Heverly
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