210. Desperate Journey

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 28 January 1973
This episode rerun 12 August 1973

A plan carrying Inspector Lew Erskine, SAC Tom Colby and a murderer crashes in a national part, injuring the FBI agents and setting their prisoner free. In great pain, Inspector Erskine sets out after the murderer through the rugged forest.


Performer Role
Vic Morrow John Stahl
Burr deBenning Dan Stahl
Maggie Malooly Marge Nevins
William Bryant Earl Benner
Sandra Smith Christine Petersen
Priscilla Garcia Eva Marcos
Val De Vargas Captain Bernardo
Eddie Firestone Avery
Rance Howard Ranger Garfield
Lew Brown Allen Bennett
Forrest Compton Martin Boles
Ed Fury Air Controller
Directed by: Earl Bellamy
Written by: Calvin Clements
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