213. The Detonator

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 25 February 1973
This episode rerun 26 August 1973

Inspector Erskine races time ro save a prosecutor from a professional bomber. The contract has been called off, but the hit man's pride is wounded from a flubbed first attempt. The hit man refuses to cancel his plans.


Performer Role
Richard Jordan Alex Tanner
Tim O’Connor Albert Dirks
Roger Perry Will Sanders
Frank Marth Middleton
Meredith MacRae Ruth Benson
Anne Seymour Mrs. Benson
John Considine Bob Roberts
J. Duke Russo Weiler
Adrienne Marden Mrs. Kellum
John Qualen Hodges
William Meigs Warren Dodd
Lori Busk Girl
Grayce Spence Receptionist
Richard Hale Haskell
Robert Cleaves Mooney
Steven Benedict Jimmy
Directed by: Seymour Robbie
Written by: Calvin Clements
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