214. Sweet Evil

The FBI in 1972

Original air date: 4 March 1973
Rerun 2 September 1973

This episode has Inspector Lewis Erskine going after a 1970s version of the Depression Era duo of Bonnie & Clyde. A small-time girl, seduced by an appetite for evil, joins her sister and the sister's boyfriend on a crime spree. During this time, she schemes to doublecross the sister's boyfriend after a jewel robbery.


Performer Role
Andrew Prine Beau Parker
Jo Ann Harris Mary Ann Linden
Melissa Murphy Cass Linden
Michael Baseleon Harper Jay
Helen Kleeb Rose DeBoise
Dabbs Greer Kelsey Waller
Robert H. Harris Nick Dunbar
Jim Raymond Kirby Green
Brooke Mills Honey Robins
Michael Long Ray Talley
Trish Stewart Blonde Model
Paul Micale Jeweler
Andre Philippe Marcel le Jean
Arch Whiting State Trooper
Ray Galvin Warehouse Manager
Jim Driskill State Trooper
Phil Montgomery Security Guard
Directed by: Philip Leacock
Written by: Mark Weingart
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