218. The Big Job

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 16 September 1973
Rerun 5 May 1974

The final season opens with a new assistant for Inspector Lewis Erskine, SAC Chris Daniels, played by Shelly Novack. Inspector Lewis Erskine and Daniels start weeding out suspects in the robbery of an armored car firm. Their only clues: One man sniffled, one man had B- blood and the trio escaped in a blue pickup truck.


Performer Role
Richard Anderson Paul Higgins
Marj Dusay Mrs. Higgins
Laird Stuart Kurt
Paul Fix G.G. Farrell
Mark Gordon Gabe Williman
Charles Knox Robinson Kenyon Bartlett
Hank Stohl Mr. Cornthwaite
Roberta Hayes Landlady
Jason Johnson Choirmaster
S.A. Rivers Larry Ward
Male Clerk #3 Bill McLean
Doctor Martin Ashe
Jewelry Store Manager Maurice Hill
Male Clerk #1 Robert Gooden
Female Clerk Susan Quick
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young
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