219. The Confession

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Original air date: 30 September 1973
Rerun 12 May 1974

Abel Norton: Kidnapping, Extortion

Abel Norton, a vindictive manager for singer Darlene Clark (real-life singer Nancy Wilson), kidnapps her daughter in retaliation for the death of his son. Ms. Clark had told Norton she'd arrange for a top surgeon to perform the operations but —unconcerned with others, including her own daughter—never bothered. Now, Norton has kidnapped Ms. Clark’s daughter, just as she prepares to open a show in Las Vegas.

What makes this episode click is that Clark herself comes across not only as arrogant, but combative toward Inspector Lewis Erskine (who shows greater concern for the daughter’s safety). Furthermore, Darlene Clark has a dark past which Norton takes full advantage of: She was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Indianapolis three years before. And, as part of the ransom, (spoiler) she finally has to confess this to her audience in Las Vegas.

Though some of this episode seemed to have been shot in LA, many Nevada locations seem to have been used as well. One is reminded of Diamonds Are Forever, the 1971 James Bond film that was partly shot in Vegas.

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Performer Role
Frank Bonner Johnson
Lorraine Gary Angela Norton
Hal Linden Abel Norton
Lynne Moody Linda
Tom Selleck Steve
Royce Wallace Wardrobe Lady
Nancy Wilson Darlene Clark
Phil Wright Billy
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Jack Turley
Production Code: 196509
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