220. Break-In

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 7 October 1973
Rerun 23 December 1973

The head of a family of felons is sprung from prison to mastermind a million-dollar bank robbery. The Inspector gets his first lead in catching up with the man and preventing the heist from the man's embittered wife.




Performer Role
Jackie Cooper Harlan Slade
Don Stroud Bud Munsey
Lou Frizzell Barney Hoyle
Kevin Coughlin Eddie Phelps
Charles Cyphers Charlie Wicker
Nancy Malone Ella Munsey
Claire Brennen Anita Slade
Carlos Rivas Joe Rodriguez
Robert Cornthwaite A.M. Munsey
Dick Balduzzi Fred Johnson
Paul Sorenson Construction Foreman
Lauren Gilbert Bank Manager
Bill McConnell Officer Hendricks
Peter Bourne Sorenson
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Written by: Norman Lessing
Production Code: 196505
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