221. The Pay-Off

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 14 October 1973
Rerun 19 May 1974

Guest star Joseph Wiseman appeared in the 1971 FBI episode, "Bitter Harbor." He played the part of crime boss Big Julio Lacona. And, of course, he played the title role of the 1962 James Bond film, Dr. No.

Once again, Earl Holliman and Jacqueline Scott make their appearance on the series. We don’t have any further information on the episode. Sorry.




Performer Role
Earl Holliman Frank Rodman
Paul Richards Burt Powers
Jacqueline Scott Patricia Rodman
Ric Carrot Jay Rodman
Joseph Wiseman Gillford
Ed Gilbert Latham
Dave Morick Beckman
Gene Dynarski Brown
Dave Cass Jesse Olten
Robert Bralver Dan Olten
Norman J. Andrews Baggage Clerk
Colin Male Dr. Hanford
Charles Boyd S.A.C. Harding
Directed by: Virgil Vogel
Written by: Calvin Clements
Production Code: 196504
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