222. The Exchange

Shelly Novack and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. in 1973.

Interstate Transportation of a Stolent Motor Vehicle
Assault on Federal Officers

Original air date: 21 October 1973
Rerun 16 June 1974

Two armed men rob Bayshore Park racetrack, and rob it of $260,000. They did so by assaulting guards, wearing uniforms. They seriously wound Security Chief Phil Jamieson., and then shot

Highlights of this nail-biter include Lewis Erskine in disguise, with his hair gray and wearing horn-rimmed glasses similar to what the late Efrem Zimbalist Sr. (Mr. Zimbalist’s father) wore at that time. His alter ego also speaks in an Anglo-Australian accent, somewhat like his character of Alfred Pennyworth in Batman: The Animated Series some 20 years later. And the alter ego smokes a pipe, just as Stuart Bailey did in 77 Sunset Strip!

They also include some high-tech communication gadgetry used in 1973: A remote microphone hidden in a tie tac.

Our review:

Even as Watergate was playing out, and despite eight years, this episode is clear proof that The FBI did not “jump the shark.” The series was clearly state of the art in production, the acting is excellent, and the plot is also. We get to see some real conflict between Erskine and Assistant Director Arthur Ward, as well as between him and SAC Daniels.

UPDATE: We saw this episode on 4 December 2017 on DVD, and the rendition is excellent.

The Saturday Night Massacre

This episode aired on Sunday, 21 October 1973. This is significant, because this was the day that the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” took place.

Barbara Colby

Barbara Colby, who played the ruthless female accomplice in this episode, shared her real-life surname with the character William Reynolds played on the series from 1967 to 1973. Ms. Colby played a character on the sitcom Phyllis named Julie Erskine (just like the good inspector!) in three episodes before her murder on 24 July 1975. She was once Ethel Merman’s daughter-in-law.

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Antoinette Bower Ada Benson
Scott Marlowe Ray Curtis
Ron Randell Edward Benson
Jesse Vint Murph
Barbara Colby Marti Nolan
Harry Hickox Phil Jameson
Ralph Smiley Hotel Clerk
Francis De Sales Dr. Layton
Robert P. Lieb Watchman
Scott Ellsworth Newscaster
Vince Howard Agent
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Written by: Robert C. Dennis
Production Code: 196508
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