Taking aim!

227. The Killing Truth

Audrey Landers in 1973.

Joseph Edward Holloway: Assault on a Federal Officer; Extortion

Original air date: 9 December 1973
This episode was not rerun

A judge is target of someone seeking retribution for a verdict that happened 10 years beforehand. The judge himself was targeted for murder, but a Federal officer is wounded as a result.

In fact, Joseph Holloway’s father, who was scheduled for parole, died two weeks before that date of a heart attack. That has led to the younger Holloway to seek retribution.

And that drags in Inspector Lewis Erskine and SAC Chris Daniels. It seems Mr. Daniels studied the case in law school, and that the judge was considered harsh. Now, the Feds have to deal with the person seeking to eliminate the judge.

And William Reynolds is in this episode? WOW!!!! And this was the day he turned 42 years old!

Good episode!

We’re sorry for the less-than-perfect images. This was all we could get, but at least we got something instead of nothing! Thanks to Darrell Fung for his assistance!

William Reynolds and Shelly Novack!



Performer Role
Anna Lee Susan Harper
Audrey Landers Janine Winchell
David Fresco  
John Milford  
Lloyd Nolan  
Tim O’Connor Joseph Edward Holloway
Joe Mell  
Glenn Sipes  
Ysabel MacCluskey  
J.R. Clark  
Polly Middleton  
Dani Nolan  
William Reynolds (uncredited)
Directed by: Lawrence Dobkin
Written by: Irv Pearlberg
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