230. A Piece Of The Action

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 6 January 1974
Rerun 23 June 1974

Inspector Erskine learns that a pair who own a trucking company have been helping mobster hijack their competitors' trucks for a share in the booty. His hopes for cracking the case depends on the desires of one of the parties to end their mob ties.




Performer Role
Val Avery Max Horton
Hal Burton Kreddis
Charles Cioffi Vic
George DiCenzo Dave
Anthony Eisley Agent Edmond Wright
Jerry Gatlin Angell
Joan Hotchkis Nancy
Kelly Thordsen Oldham
Bob Vanselow Starnes
Patrick Wright Allerton
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers
Production Code: 196516
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