231. Selkirk’s War

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 27 January 1974
Rerun 25 August 1974

An embittered ex-Army major breaks two dangerous men out of the stockade to train them for a mission: Robbing an Army payroll convoy. Knowing who he is, Inspector Lewis Erskine tries to identify and and prevent his objective.




Performer Role
Peter Haskell Major Edward Selkirk
Richard Jaeckel James Devlin
Roger Robinson Floyd Carter
George Murdock Major Dirken
Lawrence Dobkin Col. Horrigan
Roy Engel Ben Spies
Norman Burton Col. Bren
Judy Lewis Elinor Graham
Stacy Keach Sr. Bank Manager
John Goff Hunter
Tom Scott Convoy Sgt.
Larry Watson State Trooper
Alfred Daniels Sgt. of the Guard
Directed by: Walter Graumann
Written by: S.S. Schweitzer
Production Code: 196518
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