232. The Betrayal

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 3 February 1974
Rerun 26 May 1974

Inspector Erskine tries to track down a prison escapee, learning there's a mob contract out for him. Lew hopes to get the escapee's help in exposing the syndicate in exchange for protecting him.




Performer Role
Michael Tolan Frankie Geller
James Olson Carl Slovich
Suzann Arnold Valerie Geller
Robert Quarry Price
Emile Meyer Iron Mike Slovich
Robert Yuro Logan
Alan Oppenheimer Gordon Frisch
Don Carrara McCollough
Lawrence Montaigne Peterson
Moosie Drier Nicky
Paul Picerni Dom Giannelli
Heavy #2 Michael Pataki
Pauline Myers Mrs. Jordan
Tom Stewart Phil Boren
Anne Anderson Edna Slovich
Directed by: William Wiard
Written by: S.S. Schweitzer
Production Code: 196507
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