233. The Animal

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 17 February 1974
Rerun 8 September 1974

A psychopathic mob enforcer escapes from a courthouse, and desperate to flee the country, will stop at nothing. He begins with the blackmail of a rich executive whom he had helped to rise from the top.

This is indeed a special episode. When it reran on 8 September 1974, it was the final network-run episode of The FBI. Peter Mark Richman makes his final appearance on the series. And, fittingly, William Reynolds makes his final appearance on the series as SAC Tom Colby.




Performer Role
Gary Lockwood Ben Sillman
Peter Mark Richman William Braden
Meg Foster Paula Taylor
Roger Perry Steve Lathan
John S. Ragin (as John Ragin) George Wicks
Del Monroe John Franklin
Frank Maxwell Commander Munson, USMC
Ken Lynch Avery Derek
Majel Barrett Mrs. Derek
Lee Miller Newsman #1
Noel Shier Newsman #2
Michael Cameron Jackson
William Reynolds SAC Tom Colby
Directed by: Walter Graumann
Written by: Calvin Clements
Production Code: 196511
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