Things get rough between Stanley Chasen (Henry Silva) and Chong (Khigh Dhiegh).

Things get rough between Stanley Chasen (Henry Silva) and Chong (Khigh Dhiegh).

234. The Two Million Dollar Hit

Celebration time!

Original air date: 24 February 1974
Rerun 28 July 1974

Stanley Chasen, Ronald Selwyn, Alan Nevins: Theft From Interstate Shipment and Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property And Aircraft

A gang of thieves is double-crossed by a fence (played by Khigh Dhiegh) when things turn ugly.

The bad guys throw someone off of a plane they fly to Wyoming, but that person manages to parachute. As the plane lands, two cyclists who are Good Samaritans observe it—and see the bad guys take off in a blue Ford van.

Fast forward: Bishop talks with his girlfriend, who convinces him to call the Sheriff’s office. Problem is, Stanley Chasen (Henry Silva) catches him—and promptly shoots him. He does live, though.

He and his moll (Sharon Farrell) end up in Seattle, where they get into a fender bender, and then a police chase. By this time, there are far fewer shootings on the series, but a lot more violence directed toward automobiles! I guess that would enable Ford Motor Company to sell more cars!!!

By this time, Inspector Erskine and SAC Daniels are on the Seattle waterfront, where they find from an informant (whom Erskine knows from back when) that the money is to be fenced in Hong Kong. Good scene! The bad guys try to exit Seattle by ship; it’s no Love Boat, though!

Another great cast:

We’re sorry for the less-than-perfect images. This was all we could get, but at least we got something instead of nothing! Thanks to Darrell Fung for his assistance!

Is this William Reynolds?

Who IS the FBI agent?

Because of what we had experienced with episode 227 (“The Killing Truth”), we wondered about this FBI agent who accompanied Inspector Lewis Erskine. He looks suspiciously like William Reynolds.


Performer Role
Norman Alden Worth
Belinda Balaski Sue
Jana Ballan Ruth
Randall Carver Don
Burr DeBenning Richard Bishop
Lee de Broux Alan Nevins
Khigh Dhiegh John Chong
Sharon Farrell Lee Thomas
Jack Ging Ronald Selwyn
Henry Silva Stanley Chasen
Walter Burke Arnie Hellings
Laura Lacey Thelma Garrison
William Swan Ship’s Purser
Don McGovern Al Garrison
With: Tom Bellan, Jean Frasier, John Pickard, Tom Waters, Hoke Howell, George Ball and Richard Gittings.
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: Calvin Clements
Production Code: 196501
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