237. The Lost Man

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 24 March 1974
Rerun 4 August 1974

A journalist is the quarry of an escaped Federal prisoner who was sentenced for blackmail they both committed. The con was willing to take the rap by himself - until he learned that his partner was squandering their loot.

Good cast here:

Bill Williams, who appeared in the 1968 episode “The Runaways” (13 October 1968), was married to Barbara Hale (Perry Mason) until his death in 1992. He is the father of actor William Katt.




Performer Role
John Carter Jerry Porter
Reid Cruickshanks John McKenzie
Robert Foxworth Greg Davidson
Jean Gillespie Betty Hammond
Allyn Ann McLerie Helen Porter
Jan Merlin Colfax
Annette O’Toole Brenda Porter
Don Porter Mason Hammond
Bill Williams Crawford
Directed by: William Wiard
Written by: Judy Burns
Production Code: 196522
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