239. Confessions Of A Madman

The FBI in 1973.

Original air date: 14 April 1974
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lewis Erskine runs into several dead ends in a search for a psychotic killer whose victims are all in the same college sorority. He enlists the aid of an agent who had been one of its members.

This episode marks another time when Inspector Erskine works with a female FBI agent. When J. Edgar Hoover was alive, women were consigned to secondary and tertiary roles. Mary Frann (1943-98), who played S.A. Pat Driscoll, would play the spouse to Bob Newhart sitcom Newhart, which ran from 1982 to 1990.




Performer Role
Daniel J. Travanti Jason Grant
Mary Frann S.A. Pat Driscoll
Elliott Street Darsie Neal
Robert Pine Vaughn Teller
Christine Dixon Gloria McMann
Jodean Russo Wilma Grant
Ann Morrison Mrs. Gatsby
Albert Lantieri Joe
Jill Wagner Fran
Jennifer Ashley Marge
Lynne Marie Stewart Jane
Susannah Darrow Girl
Directed by: Philip Abbott
Written by: Richard Landau
Production Code: 196517
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