The radio goes dead for Inspector Erskine.

240. Survival

Dabney Coleman

Original air date: 28 April 1974
Rerun 18 August 1974


The end of an era.

Inspector Lewis Erskine and SAC Chris Daniels pursue an escaped Federal prisoner, and end up in a gun battle with the prisoner. In the process, their Ford Bronco is rendered inoperable.

Inspector Erskine overcomes Sam Belson, but learns that SAC Daniels is injured. He fell off of a rock. The plot line revolves around Inspector Erskine’s struggle to get the gravely injured Daniels to safety, as well as get Belson back into custody. Oh, And the good inspector has to deal with a female camper whom he suspects is an accomplice of Belson, who in turns wants to escape when the opportunity arises. Interesting episode, but we would have rather preferred to see something a little grander in an urban setting.

Updated 31 May 2008.



Performer Role
Jon Cypher Sam Belson
Dabney Coleman Barnes
Julie Gregg Sandra Taggart
John Lupton Thaler
Gary Clarke Paul Taggart
Gavin James Storey
Francisco Ortega Doctor
Ed Connelly Dave
Directed by: Seymour Robbie
Written by: Irv Pearlberg
Production Code: 196519
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